A New Name!

Children and husbands go hungry, laundry is unattended, and the sink is full of dishes. I lose track of time, I fiddle with the pretty pictures far too long, and I feel elated when everything is done and I hit ‘publish.’

That’s what happens when I write.

I should really stop. My head voices say, in their daily conferences, that it’s a time-waster, I’m really not that good, who would want to read it anyway (maybe family and friends, but only the ones that like me), and my kids will begrudge every detail that I’ve revealed of their poor lives as they’ve grown up.Quotes Of The Day - 11 Pics (scheduled via http://www.tailwindapp.com?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=twpin&utm_content=post85062773&utm_campaign=scheduler_attribution)But I’m addicted, I think. I’m also hoping that somewhere along the line, someone can laugh, someone can relate, and someone can be encouraged. That’s the goal. As for me, I’m just learning… and I write about the lessons.

I read Jon Acuff’s book, called “Start” in 2014, when I was on a plane going back to Zim for 3 days, leaving all my men behind to fend for themselves (yeah, whatever; I had cooked 3 days meals, packed 3 days lunchboxes, and done all laundry before I left). It was completely weird being on my own and having someone else do all the householdy things. I stayed with my sister in law, who has a maid for cooking, a maid for laundry, and a maid just in case. So for three days, I did nothing but read, spend time with my niece and nephew, and get my police clearance for my South African visa application. (If you think that’s a short story, it ain’t. Start reading the Updates.)

And in Jon’s book about actually starting something you’ve been talking about all your life, the last line pretty much says, “Whatever you do, be real.” And that sealed it for me. I wanted to be real. My life is real. Real messy, real hard, real wonderful. And so I settled on leasrealblog for a name. But “lea” in itself presents a problem. Lee-yaaah, all my life. It’s pronounced lea as in “tea,” or “sea.” But try telling that to EVERYONE. I am about to move my blog from a free wordpress site to self-hosted, which means that more laundry will be undone. More pretty pictures, more freedom to manage all the writey things, hooray. But I’m thinking of changing the name, and I would really appreciate your feedback. I’ve given you a bit of background, which you would already know if you’re a regular reader, but here’s some more clarity if you need it.

My name is tricky. Initially, I wanted my name in it, but if you add any word after lea, it becomes a new word. Like, leaslearning which should read as “Lea’s learning,” but everyone is left wondering who leasle is, and why she’s arning.

I could make people pronounce it correctly by naming it Really Real-lea. But they may still be scratching their heads, and it doesn’t give any idea of what the focus of the blog is. Just that I have a complex about my name. How about My Realatable Life. Then it needs a brilliant catch-phrase to sum up what it’s about- Family, Fun, Faith.

My brother thought my post on encouragement was “sermony,” so we could go with Sermons and Sanity? Or Sermons and Stupid Siblings.

Or, if we want to give proper insight of what it’s about, we could just put it out there. Like “Hearts and Farts,” or “Penises and Poetry.” I may gain the wrong type of readers after certain google searches on that one. Ahem..

Then below are the ramblings I wrote down.

Learning, laughter and love. With a lot of lads.

Sanity and Serenity

Sanity vs Reality

The Chaos and the Quiet.

I’ve stopped after that last one, because I love that line. I use it at the end of all my blog posts, because somehow it just applies. It came out of nowhere, no google, thesaurus searches or brainstorming sessions. It might just be the one.

Let me have it! Everything you can think of. Tell me what you like! And if I use one of your ideas… well, I can’t send money, and I don’t have giveaways because I don’t have sponsors, so I’ll paint you a pebble! Hooray. Entries for pebble-winning, blog-naming competition end when I say so. Love you all, thank you for reading.May the names you think of in the quiet or the chaos lead this blog closer to Him.

Lots of love, Lea.




10 Responses

  1. Lara says:

    I love “the chaos and the quiet…( then also add) with a handful of lads/boys/guys/testosterone

  2. nickyheymans says:

    I love your blogs! I read every single one of them, and can usually relate in some way (even though I only have two boys not four,). The thing I love the most about your blog is the fact that it is so real. That’s it – for me that’s the hook. It’s not you trying to come up with some super spiritual wisdom to impart, or telling impressive stories of how wonderful you and your family are (I can’t stand families who seem to have it all together!!?!). And because you’re not trying to do that, the wisdom is there naturally, and we get a glimpse of how incredibly special your family is, amidst all the rubbish and chaos. So I think the word real should definitely continue into your next title, I was wondering about using the word “journey” in it? Simply because life is such an incredible journey, with the highs and lows, the unexpected and the predictable, the trusting Him and the stepping out in faith. And we haven’t arrived, none of us have, we’re just taking each day as it comes, walking with our wonderful Father and the amazing people He has given us to look after. Personally, I wouldn’t go for a title that’s real glitzy and clever, I’d keep it real! Because that’s who you are, it’s part of your gift, the ability to make people relate and the beautiful way you touch hearts with your humour, honesty and insightful ness. You’re amazing, Lea, and whatever you call your blog, you will still continue to touch hearts and lives. Love you!

  3. Lizanne says:

    I’m really not gifted at thinking out names or straplines or whatever…I’ve been wondering about mine for years. So I’m sorry Lea (and thanks for the clarification about how to pronounce it as I was one of the people calling you Leeee-ha), but I don’t have any suggestions. Only encouragement to carry on writing! I love your blogs and find it truly inspirational. Can’t wait to read more!

  4. Sue says:

    Has to be chaos and quiet, just sounds so good when they are together because the quiet is soooo much better after chaos. And also love Lea’s real blog. Love your name, ( of course) I am your mother after all and we chose it, and could not bear to be normal and spell it Lee or Leigh. Loved the blog AGAIN!!!!

  5. Hannah says:

    I always love reading your musings and keeping up from afar how you are doing. Gosh, we miss you guys lots, I can’t believe how much the boys, young men have grown!

    As for the name I think the Chaos and the Quiet of Life with a Band of Men? <- Love the potential of the play on words with the quiet and chaos in a band!

    • leasrealblog says:

      Niiiice, Hannah, thank you!! Shall chew on that one for a bit. May be a bit long, but can put some into a catchphrase, methinks! Lots of love to all you beautiful Marks’!

  6. Deano says:

    I saw that not-so-veiled insult about stupid siblings. I do read these you know. My two cents – keep the name the same. Just because of a ‘Happy Birthday’ song gone wrong (bit ‘a poetry there, that’s the Irish in me) many years ago, you shouldn’t be so hung up on your name. And if you changed the name – heck, I’ve just found this blog, I’d never find it again. Have laughed till my sides split and can so relate to the REAL-ities you write of (clever play on words there). Hey, I think I should start a blog. What’ll I call it? DeanBean’s Blog? Gadzooks! I’ve been writing this for about half an hour – kids are starving, gotta go…

  7. Deano says:

    And….when you Google ‘Lea’s real blog’ you come up number one on the results list. Millions would pay thousands to be there…

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