Me & Mine

Thank you for reading! I really appreciate you taking the time. I am Lea, wife to Heathcliffe and mom to Joshua, Aiden, Luke and Ethan. Yes, I’m the only girl. No, I don’t wish we had a girl. No, we’re not trying for a girl (our stork is dead, and the teenagers would freak out.)

Stewart Family-16

This is us in Zimbabwe, 2014, when we were still taller than most of our children.

The Beginning of the Blog

My life is not interesting, not really. I was born in and grew up in Harare, Zimbabwe, got married to Heathcliffe there, and had our 4 beautiful boys there. We emigrated to Cape Town, South Africa in 2014. No small decision, emigration, and my writing started when a monthly update became routine to keep family and friends up to date with what was going on with our settling in a new country. It has crazy accounts of daily events in our family, and the lessons I learn in the chaos and the occasional quiet.

What to Expect From This Blog

  • This is my shortcut to my family journal, so my kids can hopefully learn from our hard-learnt lessons. It shall be presented to each of our boys on their wedding day probably. Boom! Here’s a 12,834 page journal for some light reading on the do’s and dont’s of life. You wanted a house as a wedding gift? Dang it, sorry.
  • Real Life. Between the psychology of raising 4 entirely different people, feeding them, washing their clothes, feeding them, being a wife with hopefully more than a half hour of free time for adult conversation, feeding them and remembering to have lunch myself; this blog will happen. Did I mention that I feed them all too? So this blog may not be regular or consistent, but it will be real.
  • Chaos and Quiet. If the toilet humour ruled this blog title, it would be “Family, Farts, and Faith.” Our focus is family, but it consists of a lot of boys, (so…farts) and yet every moment is filled with the grace and joy of God’s presence in our lives. The chaos is daily, and the quiet sometimes happens in the midst of it all- hearing that still small voice that teaches and guides me, and reminds me to “be still.”

I hope that you leave encouraged, that you relate to something you read, or that you too, find lessons in your moments of quiet that are invaluable to making you… you. Here’s to the learning that never stops!