In Him, We Live…and Move

Right now, it’s the chaos and the chaos. The chaos in my home, and the chaos in my head. We’re moving. Just house this time, not country. But we’ve only just got here, right? Well, actually, try nearly FIVE years. Yup. And the house we’re in is lovely but just too expensive right now, so we’ve found somewhere a little smaller (I hold my breath and suck in my tummy every time I say that) and saves us a couple of grand every month! Yay. But not yay, because we move in 7 days and all my pictures are still on the walls, and I haven’t washed the curtains (Heath’s idea, not mine), I’m avoiding everything by typing this blog, and WHEN DID I DECIDE TO KEEP ALL THE SCHOOL BOOKS?? Added bonus- this week, every day is over 35 degrees, and I have sweat trickling down my everywhere. This is not funny.

It’s not that I’m on my own, or helpless or isolated. No… many kind friends have genuinely offered their help with anything needed. But I’m a little OCD in that I like to know where everything is, so that when we get to the new house and someone asks, Mom, where’s the bicycle pump? I can hyperventilate and curse my blank mind until we find it 6 months later because in truth I’ll never remember where everything is. Here’s the scenario: I emptied the linen cupboard of everything non-linen, which is basically everything. Note: I’m determined to keep the linen cupboard to strictly linen in the future and not crochet storage / hessian offcuts for covering outdoor pots / giftbags hoarded for 10x every gift we’ll ever have to wrap in the future. The picture in my head is of neatly labelled, easily accessible storage in plastic bins of non-everyday items, in the garage, where I will skip, scan and select whatever I may need for that out-of-the-norm job.

Back to the scenario at hand- I’m packing all the non-linen weirdness into boxes. Then I close and tape the box, and in the same minute, grab a marker to write on the box a list of contents. Clever. Except that my mind can’t recall anything. It’s like playing that game of memory where my gran would select completely random household stuff, let us study it for a minute, then cover it with a dishcloth and we’d have to write down what we could remember. Except I have an adult brain now, which has apps open in the background that don’t allow anything to function normally. Let’s have a quick update, shall we?

The apps are:

Joshua’s car which keeps not starting, for no diagnostically reasonable explanation, Also Joshua’s UNISA exams, but instead of appearing to study, he writes fanfiction stories. Also Joshua’s 21st in, like, one month’s time. Yeeek.

Aiden’s ears which are repeating this whole tinnitus, ringing-in-the-ears issue…now with vertigo, nausea and vomiting… a hearing test revealed his left ear is dodgy when it comes to high frequencies. So MRI scan is scheduled for… another day. Blood tests too, if we can get a needle in this child’s arm. Hasn’t had one since he freaked out at age 3. Also, this child turns 18 in like, two months time. Yeeek.

Luke’s whole body which was thoroughly bruised and scraped when he fell down, and apparently skidded, glided and rolled on knees and elbows all over the athletics track at an interhouse event. His wrist has a torn tendon/muscle but the carpet  grass  track burns are the worst. But he came third in the 800m, floppy wrist and all, so that’s awesome.

Ethan, who has declared he wants to be a bodybuilder professionally. This is no joke, he’s dead(lift) serious, and he has the determination to get it done. Motherly skills being tested to the limit to GENTLY coach him into continuing with schoolwork / art / dance (we’ll start dance again next year, hopefully), so that if he were to pull a foofy valve, he would have something to fall back on. Geez.

Abs for moving boxes! Finally they will be useful!

A new business. I have finally settled on something that I can do from home, in my many ten minutes increments of free time that occur. It’s not painting rocks, but I will continue to do that a bit, because I’m just a sucker when someone comes to me with a creative idea; I can’t resist. Besides, we’ve collected about 200 pebbles from the beach, not really condusive to an easy house-move. Dang. Anyway, I’m going to use my word power and my time-wasting ability at creating pretty pictures to do social media management for small businesses who don’t have the time/fortitude to do it themselves. There is a huge market for it, so I’m beyond excited, and terrified all at the same time. Working through oodles of graphic design courses, social media courses, and self-belief issues simultaneously.

And Heath of course. No, I’m kidding. Heath is fine. We’re fine (glazed look in eyes). We have come to know two things more than ever before in our lives: above all, and in all. That’s what God is to us. Above all the apps, and in all the chaos!

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Now I’ve really got to go and pack up the weird stuff that has found it’s way into my bathroom cupboard.

May the lessons learned in the chaos or the quiet lead you closer to Him.

Lots of love,


Acts 17:28 For in him we live and move and have our being.





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  1. sue says:

    Lea you are so funny. Good luck with all that.

  2. juanitadev says:

    Through your lives Father shines. It is a privilege to call you sister. ❤️

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