Update #5. Still here.

Well, I write this from Zimbabwe still. Not even the airport. The non-urgent lawyer only set up the Zimra (Revenue Authority) interview for Friday, so we waited the whole week for that. We moved to Gretchen and Tarik’s (H’s sister & bro-in-law) cottage last Sunday, and they’ve been amazing. We’re in the 2 bedroomed cottage with Luke and Ethan whilst Josh and Aiden are sleeping in the house…in the cinema room. Yes- the cinema room. You won’t find two happier souls!


Dad having a sleepover.


Things that make you go hmmm (a.k.a. what happened this week):

3 May. About to sleep, Heath asks where the title deeds for the house are. Errrr. They’re with the office files in our 2nd trailer load. In Johannesburg. A tad stressful, as we need them for the Zimra interview this week. Luckily I remembered in which of the 130 boxes they were in, so the Grays, who were still with our trailer, saved the day again, dug them out and DHLed them to us. Phew.

4 May. Packed up the house, suitcases, moved to Gretchen’s cottage. Need to write to Ziploc and see if we can get shares in the company based on number of bags we’ve used. Prayed together with the boys in the house before leaving to give thanks to God for all the things we appreciated about our home… Aiden: hardly any power cuts (he loves his PC, that boy). Me: my dream kitchen, my bathroom/bedroom (I mostly cook and sleep). Luke: how spacious the house was (sliding down long passage in socks). Ethan: that it had been paid for in full, and for special rooms they had like the schoolroom (this 8 year old is deep). Joshua: his room (teenager. enough said). Heath: central location, great security (guy things).

Leaving the country of one’s birth is hard and does tax one emotionally. But in Zim’s case, it will never return to what it was when we were kids, so we feel like the sweet memories of our childhood can never be recreated for our own kids. We’re going to try and do that somewhere else now.

5 May. Kids so content, enjoying cousins.


Loyal cousins playing dress-up with Rubi


Err. It’s the tooth fairy at Easter?










Provisionally booked tickets for Saturday with SAA rather than scAir Zim, as SAA allow two pieces of luggage each, whilst Zim only allow one case each. That’s a no-brainer.

6 May. Bought 6 large suitcases (we only had 3) from the industrial areas. Was good to go there for one last time before we leave- spent a lot of time there in our lives buying fabric when we had our clothing business. Crazy crazy town.


Déja vu. Back to the industrial sites! Traffic jam.


A pic doesn’t really capture the craziness. Then again…that is a tractor.







Happy happy packing, fitting everything in at last, including Aiden’s 2 excess boxes of….of course….Lego. We shall not buy any more Lego. Ever.

7 May. Heath’s car sold! Same day process. My car’s buyer sorting out bank loan, should be done early next week.

Throughout the week we meet various people at the house for them to collect furniture, etc. On Thursday, we finally learn that our Zimra interview is on Friday morning. Heath wakes up on Friday, feeling very sick, with fever, chills and weak body. He manages to fight through the day.

We arrange a truck for our maid to get her stuff to her home. Had we spent more time in our maid’s room, we could have made a fortune selling her story to “Hoarders- the African Edition” as she had probably collected every collectible item ever thrown out of our house for the last 3 years, from empty plastic bottles to holey socks. Anyway, they miraculously fitted it onto the truck (only Africa!) and off she went.


Hoarders, Africa edition. One person, one room.  All on 1 truck.

Friday pm: we hand the house over to the new owner, Theresa, a very sweet Portuguese lady. So we walk around together, and it was definitely a bit heartsore for me as we had renovated this house to our taste and so it has been very special. Theresa could not hide her excitement and in every room was saying to me, “Oh, I’m so excited…” to which I would smile and nod. On about the 6th time however, it did cross my mind to say, “I have pms and a carving knife; are you still so excited???” Hormones. What a delight.

A few emotional times, I must be honest, always surprised at how fickle I can be- getting miserable over material things. And patience not being my strength, I have struggled with the waiting. Heath has been awesome, pulls me together when needed and we’re doing all we can our end, just waiting on God to hurry things up, believing His timing will be perfect.

So… interview is Step 1 of 2. Next we await the assessment, pay the capital gains tax and get our clearance certificate. Schools in SA start their 3rd term on the 21st July, so there is a time pressure that gets tighter with each day.

I HOPE the next update will be from Jo’burg or Cape Town! We fly to Jo’burg first to buy cars, then drive to CT. Until then…

Lots of love to you all.


Some pictures of our renovation at beloved #43:




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