Update #7- The One With The Very Long Road

Looking for cars to buy, we have reached corners of Johannesburg many South Africans didn’t even know existed. We have driven to Lenasia (“-asia” being the emphasis– even had a Bank of India in the mall) and Vereeniging (poor dude on GPS didn’t cope well with this one– he fizzled out towards the end of the word).

I have developed surprisingly strong thigh and hamstring muscles from the strain of hovering above many dubious toilet seats protecting myself from all nastiness imaginable, in the dodgiest of McDonalds toilets or wherever we can find a restroom. We changed from a VW Transporter to a VW Polo hired car– a bit of a change in space, that’s for sure– at least it was only for a few days.

We have seen some appalling cars…the Chrysler in Lenasia appeared to be utilized as a run-around for a flea market owner– containing shoes, pampers, fast food of every description, and of course… a toilet tissue box with gold embellishment.

Finally found the Chrysler Voyager exactly for us. Had to go through the processes of a “normal” country when buying a car– bank, police station, roadworthy certificates, change of ownership etc; so lots of back and forth. Finding a car for Heath proved harder, and we decided to rather hire a pick-up (to fit all our stuff into) and drive to CT, giving us more time to find a car later. Heath would drive pick-up towing trailer, I would drive the Chrysler, which was a pleasure to drive. What a great road trip. We left on a misty Friday morning.


That road went on…


and on…









and on!


We slept over in Beaufort West…10 hours out of Jo’burg. Place was a bit of a dive, but we experienced the most amazing WIND there, it was hilarious.




Shocking unhealthy “padkos.” I picked my battles, and this was not one of them.


Aiden hijacking my phone for record-breaking amounts of selfies.


Stretching legs at a pitstop.


Then we hit Paarl– and finally the scenery changed from mundane to breathtaking.

Vineyards, mountains, waterfalls, clouds…………….    a tunnel for Ethan to scream through,

IMG_1831 IMG_1919

and an overwhelming sense of we’re almost there. 



IMG_1981We are staying in a place called Seaside Villas in Bloubergstrand, north of CT. The apartment is great, it’s walking distance to the beach (brrr), and next to a small shopping centre with Checkers, Woolworths Food and plenty of restaurants…and a laundry, which is my delight!! Not fun to pay for washing, but I cannot deny the secret joy I have in not having to be folding bajillions of socks right now. So this is our 3rd day here as I write this. It feels a bit like we’re walking in treacle– getting anything done seems to be taking ages. Finding places, application forms for schools, finding estate agents, sorting out internet access etc. So a little frustrating. Our focus right now is following up with the schools for the boys– Kenridge Primary for younger 3 and Fairmont for Joshua, and finding a rental house in the feeder areas for these schools. Kenridge is the best school in the area where we want to settle, but is very hard to get into and at present, they don’t have places for Ethan and Aiden, so we are praying for a miracle.

Ethan seems to have a fetish with winter hats and finds them in every store we go into.

Weather has been typical CT. Cold, rainy today, and yeeeeesssss, windy. With unexpected bouts of sunshine. I bought thermals yesterday so should be able to survive until I get all my bulky winter stuff out of storage.

Feeling the pressure a bit today, overwhelmed with details like medical aid, changing our drivers licenses, sorting out bank accounts, finding a home, ensuring the  boys don’t forget 2+2 whilst they’re out of school so long, trying not to freeze to death, and managing all this as best we can. At least I bought rooibos teabags, honey and Ouma’s rusks, so that will help!! Sigh. I’m so fickle.

Lots of love to you all.


Some pictures of our first walk on our new edge of Africa.

IMG_2833 IMG_2841 IMG_2842

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