Update #9- Butterflies, Goats and Fish.

I write this while Heath drives us from Bloubergstrand (where we’re staying) to Durbanville (where we’ll be settling)- about a half hour drive, and it’s pouring with rain. At least I have internet connectivity! Aaah bliss. Its Ethan’s birthday tomorrow, he turns 9, and it is completely surreal that my last born is 9. We’re going to do some shopping for him, most likely a skateboard and something to do with Wolverine / Toothless / Messi. If you don’t know who/what I’m talking about… google! Joshua is holding the fort at home, with dinner already cooked, and DVD hired for the evening, as we go to Small Group– a smaller, at-home meeting with people from the church. Great people, and great networking, support and community, we’re really loving it.

Heath and I opened a post office box in Durbanville yesterday, and the number we chose was 3841– that way we’ll always be reminded of the ages we were when we moved here! That was a cool moment for us.


Heath and I were told about a fish-and-chip spot- amazing food, absolutely fresh fish, and the difference in taste from store-bought is incredible. Stupid seagull in background agreed.

Well, my OCD perfectionist tendencies are barely surviving. I am no longer stressing about untidiness, having no clothes to wear, or cooking the same meal over and over, as there really is no option! We did visit our trailer a few weeks ago to dig out some of my warmer jackets, and some stuff for the boys, so that helped. The weather has been kinder, and we are adjusting. I have solved the wind/hair problem by buying hats. Yay! Woolworths rules.

We are all doing really well. We continue to look at all houses for rent in the area, although there’s not much new coming onto the market.  The rents are often higher than our budget, due to agents getting their commissions. However, a couple we know run a B&B from their home, and they have offered for us to stay as long as we need whilst we find a house. This is a HUGE relief, as we were homeless as of Wednesday next week. And they’re in Durbanville, so it saves the daily commute of an hour back and forth to see houses in the area. So grateful and blessed. They leave for mission trip on 3rd July and are happy for us to stay in their home whilst they’re away as well.

Some pictures from our visit to Butterfly World a week or so ago:



From there, we stumbled upon Fairview, as in “Fairview” on all your cheese labels. And the goat thing is real! They do the ‘Goats do Roam’ wine, and this tower thing is on their labels. Such a beautiful place.


For Fathers day I managed to book lunch at a restaurant in the Durbanville winelands, and it was right at the top of one of the hills, with a beautiful view.


The food was great, live music (crazy teenager dude played the clarinet, guitar, saxophone, and when he pulled out his panpipes, we just about fell over) so it was great. We were like 90 year olds, though, almost falling asleep after dessert, as we’d had no sleep the night before due to howling wind! I’ve even stuffed cotton wool in my ears once. Didn’t work.

Now it’s Thursday night. I know, its like watching an episode of 24, this update. Takes me days to actually get through to finishing and sending it. I have a 9 year old, officially. What a character that child is. I realised with a feeling of stark emptiness that my children are no longer ‘young’. We have not bought ONE bucket and spade, and we’ve been here 3 weeks. That was always our first purchase when hitting the coast. Sob, get the tissues. Then, on the way into the city centre today, we passed a real train, a long one with real people and everything, and it was going fast, and I yelled out, hey guys, there’s a train on the right, and I got back muted wows and enthusiasm- on a level to keep me quiet, but not real enthusiasm. Wail, sob, sniff. We seem to bypass the Toys R Us stores and end up in stores called Guns and Blades, or looking at endless pairs of running shoes in Sportscene. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


One of our moments in a shoe store. A SHOE store. Oh, don’t even ask. Missing link found, perhaps?

We had a great day with Ethie– we spent the day at the Aquarium, our first time there. Superceded expectations, even Joshua’s expectations. He said later he had been dreading it, but it was totally cool.


The Nine Year Old’s Special Day Out.


Teenager + phone + cool jellyfish = a happy place.


Well, clearly Nemo has been found…


…and a few of his buddies, too.







Skipping a bajillion other pics of crabs, sharks, shrimp, turtles, etc….moving on.

We had dinner out at a restaurant– great ribs, Ethan’s fave– and their winter special is one meal + drink = one free meal for next person. Ha! That’s a no brainer for family of 6!

I’m sure that skateboard will feature in future updates somehow.

Friday morning.

We (H&L, Joshua & Aiden) have an interview with the Headmaster of Fairmont! From here, they should be in– Joshua starting 21st July for third term, and Aiden starting next year.

Friday morning, after interview. Wow, so exciting. Joshua can hardly contain himself. He’s in! And Fairmont will be phoning Kenridge Primary saying, hey we’ve accepted the siblings, please consider the appeal for the other kids… so we wait on that. Fairmont has 1300 students, co-ed, 300 computers, great facilities, library, 21 societies to join (Joshua squealing) etc. The Head showed us around the school a bit– I always feel overwhelmed walking into the cafeteria filled with teenagers, but Joshua was buzzing. So we will be buying Joshua’s uniform, books and stationery in the next few weeks. We are grateful and blessed. Again.

Spiritually, we are growing, learning. I heard a story about a monk who chose a 3 year vow of silence and at the end of it, his lesson was, don’t pray for security, don’t pray to be in control, and don’t pray to be esteemed by man, as these 3 things are supposed to come directly from God– He is our security, He is in control, and our lives are for His glory, not for our own fame. The strength of belief in the basic foundation of the gospel, how our own lives are changed by our relationship with God and how that love changes others is shaking our “conditioned-to-service-and-works” habits greatly! As we are being realigned, we are just soaking it all in. As we’ve gone through the dramas of finding a house, we have clung to His Word, and it has really sustained us. There’s a Bethel song, It is Well, based on the old hymn, but their verse says,

Far be it from me to not believe, Even when my eyes can’t see

And this mountain that’s in front of me

Will be thrown into the midst of the sea

Through it all, through it all, My eyes are on You

Through it all, through it all, It is well

I tell you, it’s all I can do to not bawl every time I hear it, and that’s about 5 times a day. Psalm 56:3 When I am afraid, I will trust in You.

Doesn’t get any simpler than that, right?

Lots of love to you all.


The 4 specks are Stewarts. Yes, we still go to the beach, the boys can’t stay away, even when it’s COLD. Please note: no other humans are here. Sunday’s temps are forecast to get to 23C, so we promised the boys they could dig out their swimming shorts and go in! Next update will feature blue-coloured limbs.


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